What are packages?
Packages is a currency that can be used for rewards. These can be obtained by joining various activities on Habbolando and Habbo Hotel. With Habbolando packages you can buy furniture in the Hotel! You can also collect them.
Can I buy other things besides the furniture?
Absolutely! You can also exchange your packages for credits.
● with 2000 packages, you can exchange them for 100 credits
● with 4000 packages, you can exchange them for 200 credits

How do I collect packages?
● 1 package per comment in an article
● 1 package per comment in a shortnews

What is a tracking ID?
A tracking ID is a code generated by the Habbolando Owners that you can redeem. Depending on the setting, they can contain a different amount of packages. Tracking IDs are mainly used for Twitter events or highlights on Habbolando. The tracking ID is automatically exchanged in packages - when redeemed.

I want to criticize something - where can I do that?
Please speak to our Owners Cinoplex and chrisi784 - They will listen to you!